Saturday, September 08, 2007


As most parents know, there is no SUCH THING AS PRIVACY once you have kids. I was getting dressed this morning, as Little Bear watched. I was placing my nursing pads into my bra when he looked at me and said... "Mommy, owwies?" I laughed and said, yes I guess you could call these owwies. "I want one." With that I laughed harder and gave him one of my nursing pads. He then placed it under his shirt and asked for another one. "One, two", he said as he pointed and counted. I laughed again. Mike, didn't find it as humorous as I did.


Marisa said...

LOL!! Owen said something similar, but with a pad. I couldn't write about that!!!

Di said...

This and the crotch-grabbing "beans" comment are too funny! I can see you turning your tales into a book ... ooh! ... and you could title it "Dry it up!"

siri said...

Cade tried to eat one of my breast pads the other day :)