Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All hell breaking loose...

Mike left for Portland Sunday afternoon, and of course as soon as he leaves, all hell breaks loose. On the way to the metro, Mike had the brilliant idea of handing LB MY cell phone, because he was asking to talk to Uncle Matt, Poppa, and K. During the 10 minute trip to the train, LB drops my phone. When Mike got out he called the phone, searched and searched, yet couldn't find it. I was a bit irritated. Afterall, as he handed my son the phone I asked him not too.... Needless to say, I get the kids home, and my preliminary search for the phone turned up nilch. I get the kids inside, get them secured in their rooms, because, hey this is my only link to the outside world, and on top of everything, LB looks like he is coming down with Pink Eye! I need my phone damn it! I've got to call Kaiser! So I clean out Diet Coke cans, ceral bar wrappers, water bottles, sippy cups, raisens, you name it, it is in my car! No phone. Shit. I go next door to my new neighbor, and ask him to call it. We can't hear it at all. After several attempts, I decide that the phone fell out of the car when Mike went to kiss LB goodbye. I called Mike at the airport. He gave Poppa a call and he hurried over. I got everybody together, in the car, and off to the Sprint Store and then to Kaiser. After all, I've got to get at least 3 doses of the Pink Eye meds in him in order for him not to be contagious!
I get to the Sprint store, and have resigned our renewal contract, have my new phone and their store phone rings. It's my father-in-law. THE DAMN PHONE WAS IN THE DIAPER BAG! He only found it, because he was looking for BB paci. How unbelievably irritating is that?
So with new phone in pocket, we dash off to Kaiser. Luckily the entire NVA was not ill, we were in and out within 45 minutes, not bad at all for urgent care!
So Pink Eye was diverted for Monday. But as you can see, it is Tuesday and I'm home. Yep.. my son is now running a low grade fever and has had diarrhea. Yep... I'm going to pay to work this year. I was planning on BB being sick and me missing work the first month because of her.. not my boy! Oh well.. my mom will be here today actually, but we won't see her until Thursday evening. And Poppa has been helpful. But I tell you what, Mike has only be gone 2 days, and I'm exhausted!


Kristi said...

and just think...in 18 short years you finally get to relax!

Bill said...

It's a good thing that you are writing all these "happy events" in you blog. Your kids would never believe you in 15 years if you did not.