Monday, January 28, 2008

They're in!

Tubes are in and Baby Bear is doing well. Just like her champ of a brother, she screamed bloody murder in the recovery room and stopped as soon as we got to the car. I don't think she'll want to see purple scrubs for a long time to come! Since we've been home, she's eaten ceral and fruit and is down for a nap. Now, let's see if she'll start sleeping through the night. Last night she did well. She only awoke once after midnight and that was at quarter to four. We rocked and cuddled until I kicked everyone out of bed at 5:30. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

BB and LB crawling together

Now that BB is crawling, LB wants to crawl with her. It's really very sweet.

Potty Training

We've been having much success with toilet training at school. LB pees on demand all day long. We get home, and he'll pee. Then, he'll finish up the day by crapping his pants. And guess who is the lucky recipient of that present. That's right, I am! We go through our daily speech.
"Poo poo is yucky. That's nasty Mommy. Don't eat poo poo."
Yes my dear, that is all correct.
Is this fun for Mommy? No it's not. Where do we poop? ON the potty. That's right. Can we try to sit on the potty tomorrow?

We'll get there. I know. And he is actually doing really well with the training. It just seems that I am the only one cleaning out the underwear. There have been two pairs that have gone in the trash, because there was NO way I was going to clean that up. We'll just keep buying more characters and ask him not to poop on Elmo, Shrek, Thomas, and Cars. Ah the joys of motherhood.

Learning to share

My boy is learning to share with his baby sister. It's been a little hairy lately. Now that she's moving, she wants to play with HIS toys.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surgery again...

We lucked out this time when it came to our ENT referral. I got in on Saturday, they had a clinic, otherwise it might have been months before we got in. The Dr. took one look at BB and decided that she was to have tubes and immediately. His scheduler put us on the books for Monday the 28th. Wish me luck. How do you explain to an 8 month old, who awakes 3 times after midnight that she may not have her bottle? If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep her happy from midnight on, please let me know, otherwise, it is going to be a LONG night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Broken Mommy!

I have to admit, we've been guilty lately of taking LB to the golden arches. Yes the evil empire that is known as McDonald's. He loves it. He'll eat and eat and eat there. His favorites are the chicken nuggets, fries, and the apples. He washes them down with the 1% white milk. It got to the point, when we would drive by, he would yell.. "I go eat! I go eat!" No sweetheart, not tonight. With that I would get such a blood curdling scream, for the rest of the drive home. And people wonder why I like to drink? Anyhow, on our drive down to Charleston on Christmas morning, Mike had yet to have breakfast when we got ourselves on the road. We figured, we'd stop at McD's. It was closed. CLOSED! My two year old looked at those golden arches and screamed, "I eat! I eat! I eat!" We tried another location. CLOSED! Well, shit! What to do, with a screaming kid. We told him that it was broken. Sorry Honey Bunny, it is broken. We can't eat there today. Well, it worked. To this day, when we drive by, he says, "Mommy, Donald's broken, no go eat." I smile and say, yes baby boy, it is broken. I wonder how long we can keep up that rouse????

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Our little girl actually gave us a first event at home this afternoon! She began crawling. Her point of interest that made her move, a remote. Yeah BB!

Pictures of the Day

Playing with Daddy
Look at that face!
Told you I owned a tiara.
Mike started to sing some dumb country song to me when he saw me like this, hence the pictures. Being that I don't like most country music, I don't know what song it was. Hey, if he wants to sing me some cliched redneck song, so be it! At least I think he's funny.

Something you might not know...

I own a tiara. Yes, I do. I got it for my 30th birthday to wear in celebration of me. For months, I had said I was going to wear a tiara on my 30th, because damn it, I made it this far and I was excited about turning 30. Some people dread their decade birthdays. That one, I didn't. In my mind, turning 30 was great. I made more money, had less debt, and I wasn't as big of an asshole any more. My 30's were going to be great. And so far they are fantastic. The reason I bring up the tiara, is that I still have it. I actually wear it on occasion. When do I wear it, you might ask. When I clean the house. I'm the queen of my home, and therefore I shall wear my crown. I happened to be wearing it yesterday afternoon, when Mike had BB out, yet again to the doctor (she's doing better, had a shot of antibiotics instead of oral ones, now she isn't puking her guts up!) and LB was watching me fold laundry. "OOhhh, a happy to hat mommy!" Yes it is kind of like a birthday crown. "My turn, mommy!" With a smirk and a bit of a chuckle, I placed it upon his head. He laughed and grinned and said, "How pretty mommy!" Good thing Mike wasn't home for that one. He might have had a coronary.

Friday, January 11, 2008

De-lurking Week

I apparently didn't know last week was de-lurking week. If you stop by to read and never comment, please feel free to say HI!

Tired of sickness

My lovely little one is having trouble with her antibiotic and my doctor's office has yet to call me back with a new prescription. I hope it's soon. Every time I give it too her, she pukes all over me. I've done more laundry this week then I ever have before in my life. I should buy stock in Downy!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crisis Adverted

Mike took over the health insurance this year, so I can have a few extra $$$ in my paycheck to pay for all the days I'm going to miss due to illness. And there is the hope that in another year or so I can either stay home or work part time, so he needs to be in charge! ANYHOW, Baby girl is SICK AGAIN! I know it's an ear infection. I'm listening to my mother's intuition and I just know she has one yet again. My loving husband stayed home with Baby Bear so I could work most of the day, and I had him call to make an appointment to get her seen in hopes that we get her an antibiotic and get us all back to school and work tomorrow. Well it turns out some where along the line, either Mike's place of employment or Kaiser f-ed up. As of 9 am this morning, no one knew where our paperwork was. He had to make several phone calls. I was about to take her to a doc-in-the-box and pay $143 to get the prescription. He made one more phone call at 2:00 this afternoon, and they RUSHED our papers through and BB has an appointment in after hours care this evening. YEAH! It is a scary to feel as if you have no health care with 2 young children. Hopefully BB will be feeling better this evening and I can get us all back to our normal routine.

Friday, January 04, 2008


While at Grandma's, we took the kids to the aquarium. LB LOVED it! He got to explore the touch tank, see sharks and turtles! We kept looking for Nemo, but alas, he was not there. The Charleston Aquarium only hosts animals found in SC rivers, marshes, and the coastline. Nemo doesn't live there. We did however find Nemo in the gift shop. Luckily, it only cost us $10 and no major meltdown.

Pictures with Uncle J.

Here they are!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas in Charleston

We left Christmas day and drove down to Grandma's and Poppa Woody's. For the most part, it was an uneventful trip down. We made good time, leaving at 10:20 in the morning and arriving at 8 pm. The most eventful part was leaving the house in the utter choas that it was. Gifts, wrapping paper, bows all strewn through out my living room. Not the kind of thing that you want to come home too!
We did many fun and exciting things while at Grandma's. The most important things were meeting Uncle J. and his family and Poppa Woody! We also got to have lunch at Uncle J.'s new restaruant Ladles. I highly recommend it if you happen to find your self in Charleston and want a great lunch place! I would post the pictures, but they happen to be on Grandma's computer, and I need her to send them to me.

I can post the pictures of Grandma and Poppa though!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Day

Santa was very generous to our family this year. The kids got a new kitchen to play in, and LB got a few Thomas the Train toys. This is the first time we've seen him get that attached to a toy. He carried them with him all over the house and when we left later that morning for Grandma and Poppa Woody's house, he had to have them in his lap the whole time! So cute. But along with getting excited about his new toys, he also now doesn't want to share! We're hearing a few times a day.. My choo choo! My car! Mine, mine, mine! Ah well, that and the melt downs are happening with more frequency. What are you gonna do????

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve with Uncle Matt and his family. LB enjoyed his new Little Peoples Airport and Mater car. Little girl enjoyed eating wrapping paper. Mommy enjoyed her new Deceptively Delicious Cookbook (woohoo! Thanks Chrissy!!) and Daddy enjoyed his new XBox 360 games.