Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liar liar pants on fire

While trying to get the kids upstairs and ready for bed this evening after dinner, I happened to go into the powder room with V. There was toilet paper shredded all over the bathroom. "What the hell happened here?"
V. starts yelling over and over "T., T., T., T.,......"
"T. did you rip all this toilet paper?"
His initial response was to close his eyes, and look at me under his lashes, only to respond back with a shrug.
"T. did you DO this?"
"No Mommy, a ghost did it."
I tried so hard not to laugh and smirk, because frankly, it was funny and clever. HOWEVER, I don't want to start a precedent in his young life, where lying to his momma is ok.
I didn't think this would start so young...
I'm in for it. Imagine how much more creative his lies can/will become with age.....