Thursday, June 26, 2008


My son is currently big on farm equipment or anything that he precieves to be farm equipment. Case in point, Poppa W.'s riding lawn mower is a tractor and just had to get on it! Thank goodness Poppa W. need to mow the lawn while we were there so he could get a ride.

The Beach

My kiddos LOVED the beach! LB was happy running in and out of the surf, playing with his sand toys. BB had a blast in the sand. It was EVERYWHERE when we took off her suit. She rolled in it, laid in it, and ate it. I can't wait to get them back to the beach soon. We'll be heading to Lake MI in a few short weeks and we'll spend a lot of time there with Nana and then with Grandpa and Grandma. We're traveling a lot this summer!

Bathing Beauty

Look at Lady Godiva all spread out on the carpet! My oh-so-cute daughter fell in love with grandma's full length mirror. We don't have any of those in our house! I love her in this bikini! Enjoy it while you can kiddo. In another few years you'll be dressed head to toe in a sack.


We just got back from my mom's on Sunday. We had a wonderful relaxing visit. We got to see Uncle Jay and have lunch at his restaurant. We spent a great deal of time at the park. We went to the pool and the beach. And we even got to see Uncle Dutch and Aunt Di! So much packed into 6 days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ring Bearer

LB did a wonderful job! Isn't he handsome? He walked down the aisle with his flower girl, danced with her, was introduced during the reception with her, and ran with the big boys during the reception. What a busy night!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

My gardner

LB enjoys "Making the grass happy." Especially if he is wearing his new rain boots.


As of late, my son is obsessed with dinosaurs. His favorite song happens to be We Are The Dinosaurs. If you 're not familiar with Laurie Berkner and you have young ones, get familiar. She's a lot of fun! But I digress. Over Memorial Day weekend, we took the kids to the Natural History Museum. LB LOVED IT! I think his favorite part was the hands on section of museum where he was able to use magnifing glasses and touch an alligator head. So cool! We'll definatly be back soon.

Schools out for summer!

Yeah! My biggest stressor as of late is finished. At least my time with my students. It's always bittersweet. But I'm happy to have this summer to recharge, spend time with my family, and get myself ORGANIZED before school starts on Sept. 2. I've got lots of pictures from the past month. We've been to see the Dinosaurs, the pool, and LB is a ring bearer in a wedding today. I'll post pictures as I can.