Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun

From grandma, T. recieved an easel for his birthday. We've been getting some good use out of it as well as the sprinkler!

A pirate says aaarrrrahhh!

At least that's what we were singing at T's 4th birthday party on Saturday. We had lots of fun games, including a treasure hunt filled with booty, and a Jolly Rodger cake to boot. Not to go overboard or anything, but I even made 2 flavors of homemade ice cream. Rear Admiral Mike, even shared a great pirate story for all of those scurvy dogs! I'm hoping some of the others will send me a few decent photos, because I was too busy hosting to take pictures!

A new arrival

Our nephew was born in July as well! He is such a cute little peanut. He weighed in at 6.3 lbs at birth. We know that all the cousins will be the best of friends as they grow up together!

July in Pictures

Since I JUST got my photos downloaded from the camera I thought I'd post our lakehouse trip. I think our other camera has the pictures from the time with my dad. I really hope we took some!

Growing up

V. is growing up in leaps and bounds. She saw me chewing a piece of gum the other day and asked for a piece. Now neither of my kids have had gum as of yet, so she shouldn't have been surprised when I told her no. Her response: "Oh man!"
Now where did that come from?


This summer, T. has become especially interested in the way words are spelled. I get asked several times a day to spell words for him. Being the preschool teacher I am, I take full advantage of this and sound out the words for him to give me the letter name.
That being said, last week, T. and I were having a conversation, and he asked me to spell "bottom". I sounded it out and he gave me the letter names. Next, he asked me to spell "penis". Trying not to laugh, I sounded out the word and gave me the letter names. Once we spelled penis, I asked him if he should ask his teacher to spell these words for him when school starts up again. He responded with: "Oh no Mommy. We don't talk about bottoms, penis', poop, or pee at school."
Great, as long as we've got that clear.