Thursday, January 25, 2007

Drum Roll Part Deux...

It's official. Fetal Bear was cooperative and showed us HER hoohoo. And much to her father's delight, right after we saw that she is indeed a girl, she IMMEDIATELY crossed her legs and wouldn't give us another peek!
Yeah! Now I get to go shopping! I've been so good about not buying a thing until after this second sonogram. All those winter sales, here I come!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Over

Last night, I distinctly heard my son utter a word that I wasn't yet ready to hear from his sweet little mouth. As I tried to grab the fork from him during dinner to help him finish, he said it. MINE!
Oh the terrible two's are starting early.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Snow Pictures

Thought I'd share some more snow pictures. LB has loved watching it fall too!

Big Boy Chair

Last weekend, in preparation for Fetal Bear, we bought Little Bear his first booster seat. He loves sitting at the table and eating meals with us. I don't think we'll be using the high chair for anything other than nebbies!


Yeah! After much griping and complaining, it has finally snowed in Northern VA! We spent the afternoon playing in it for the very first time. Little Bear loved every second of it. Especially after Daddy came home with a sled. I hope it sticks for a bit so we can enjoy it again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Navigating the Stairs

Look how proficient we've become getting down the stairs!

Busy Weekend...

In preparation for LB's sibiling, we've been nonstop trying to figure out the best way to move bedrooms and transfer LB from his crib to a new bed. You have to love Craig's list. We found the best deal on a new toddler bed and a mattress that had not been used. $50. Can't beat that price, considering what it would have cost us to buy a new bed and new mattress. Little Bear took right to his new bed. He loves crawling on it and pretending to sleep in it. We won't actually move him until after his new room has a fresh coat of paint, is completly childproof, and has the gate in his doorway installed. Until then, we'll just have fun playing on it!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pink Eye

Why is that as soon as I think I've wiped out all disease from my home, another one, one in which I've had several times in the past month, comes back to bite me in the ass?
I'm so damn tired of being sick in some way or another.
They should post an enter at your own risk sign on my door.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pictures from the Holidays

If you can believe, when Christmas morning arrived, our digital camera was no where to be found. We did video the whole morning, but not being as techno savvy as I'd like to be, I haven't quite figured out how to download/upload video yet. That will be my summer project. The camera also managed to be MIA during our entire vacation. I know, I know... BAD MOMMY! Enjoy the few shots we did take!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas, New Years, and Illnesses, OH MY!

Well, what an exciting few weeks we've had! Christmas, first plane ride, New Years, and oh so many illnesses!
Christmas in our house was so much fun. LB had a blast tearing open boxes and playing with them for hours. Why bother spending money on toys! He did recieve a doll from Grandma. When we opened it and took it out of the box, he was SO cute. He hugged her and loved her and layed down with her. He also dragged her around by her leg. Yeah, we need to work on being more gentle.
Christmas day afternoon, we spend in After Hours Care. I'm NOT crazy. I know when my son has an ear infection, and sure enough he did! We got some antibotics and the next day got on the plane for the very first time. LB did a great job. As soon as we landed in Charleston, we hopped into our rental car and drove to Palm Coast FL to see my Uncle's new place. GORGEOUS! We also were able to have our Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma L. Next stop, Charleston to see Grandma, Poppa Woody, Uncle J. and his family. We spent New Years there and enjoyed having Grandma take care of all of us. Of course while we were there I developed my 2nd round of pink eye. My son had it the week before and we just keep passing it back and forth.
We had an uneventful first week back to school and work, until Friday of course. We spent Friday night having LB puke on us all night long. He had one of those lovely 24 hour stomach bugs. Which of course now Mike and I both have! I am so tired of being Typhoid Mary. I would like at least a few weeks of being illness free around here!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
On a lighter note, Fetal Bear's sonogram has been rescheduled for the 25th. Hopefully FB will cooperate more readily this time! nbb