Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas, New Years, and Illnesses, OH MY!

Well, what an exciting few weeks we've had! Christmas, first plane ride, New Years, and oh so many illnesses!
Christmas in our house was so much fun. LB had a blast tearing open boxes and playing with them for hours. Why bother spending money on toys! He did recieve a doll from Grandma. When we opened it and took it out of the box, he was SO cute. He hugged her and loved her and layed down with her. He also dragged her around by her leg. Yeah, we need to work on being more gentle.
Christmas day afternoon, we spend in After Hours Care. I'm NOT crazy. I know when my son has an ear infection, and sure enough he did! We got some antibotics and the next day got on the plane for the very first time. LB did a great job. As soon as we landed in Charleston, we hopped into our rental car and drove to Palm Coast FL to see my Uncle's new place. GORGEOUS! We also were able to have our Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma L. Next stop, Charleston to see Grandma, Poppa Woody, Uncle J. and his family. We spent New Years there and enjoyed having Grandma take care of all of us. Of course while we were there I developed my 2nd round of pink eye. My son had it the week before and we just keep passing it back and forth.
We had an uneventful first week back to school and work, until Friday of course. We spent Friday night having LB puke on us all night long. He had one of those lovely 24 hour stomach bugs. Which of course now Mike and I both have! I am so tired of being Typhoid Mary. I would like at least a few weeks of being illness free around here!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
On a lighter note, Fetal Bear's sonogram has been rescheduled for the 25th. Hopefully FB will cooperate more readily this time! nbb


Diana said...

You guys are AMBITIOUS to accomplish so much travel with LB and FB in the womb. Glad you enjoyed seeing everybody! Hope you all have some time to relax and take the new year in stride.

Happy New Year Dawsons!


Heather said...

I hope the Forbes have had a wonderful holiday season! We need to get together soon. I have your trivet and Shanda's platters!
You leave for London soon, right?