Sunday, December 24, 2006

Drum Roll Please......

Fetal Bear has an 85% chance of being a girl at this point. We have to go back to have another sonogram done in about 3 weeks. She, that is if she is needed a she, was SO active that the technician, couldn't get an accurate picture of the umbilical cord, spine, or facial features; let alone the gender. Yes, that is right, I've got ANOTHER active fetus. In one of the pictures you can see her giving us a thumbs up. The other picture is of her profile. We are so excited, but we are not buying anything pink until AFTER I've had the next sonogram. Keep you fingers crossed for me. We'd really like to have a little girl around here!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Visit with Santa

We finally made it out to the mall to see Jolly St. Nick. I was really surprised by how quiet it was. Afterall, Christams is a week away. I also couldn't believe the racket the photographers have going! They won't let you take your own photos, and then charge OUTRAGEOUS amounts for a 3 by 5. Being the suckers we are, we had to buy some. (The cheapest package of course.) Enjoy Little Bear's first visit with the Big Guy!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh My! Has it really been a month?

Appartenly I'm no good at keeping up a daily, or even a weekly blog! What a crazy month it has been! Thanksgiving kept us busy. We had some of our friends over the Sunday before for the 8th annual Functional Family Thanksgiving.

We also had Grandma and Poppa Woody up from Charleston for the actual turkey day. Plus Grandma has been here every weekend since Thanksgiving for a class for work. It's been nice actually, having an extra set of hands to help with Little Bear. This week has been ESPECIALLY hectic. LB has been sick all week with a head cold/ear infection/fever. So ill in fact that we even had an ambulance ride and an ER visit on Tuesday morning. What a week we've been having! On a lighter note, Uncle Matt is getting married to 'Auntie" Chrissy this weekend. Now we can offically call her Aunt Chrissy! Woohoo! Uncle Matt will become a father on or about the same day LB becomes a big brother. I'm doing well. The pregnancy is moving along nicely. We have our sonogram on the 21st. We will then find out if Fetal Bear is a boy or girl! Can't wait.

Now it's time to finish up the holiday madness. With LB being sick, I haven't done much Christmas shopping. Oh the joy. Oh the crowds. Wish me luck!