Sunday, December 17, 2006

Visit with Santa

We finally made it out to the mall to see Jolly St. Nick. I was really surprised by how quiet it was. Afterall, Christams is a week away. I also couldn't believe the racket the photographers have going! They won't let you take your own photos, and then charge OUTRAGEOUS amounts for a 3 by 5. Being the suckers we are, we had to buy some. (The cheapest package of course.) Enjoy Little Bear's first visit with the Big Guy!


Kristi said...

I love it! For someone so small, he looks like he is actually enjoying his visit with Santa!!! If I don't talk to you, have a great Christmas...I expect to see lots of pictures!!!

Heather said...

We will certainly be taking them!
Have a wonderful time in Croghan. You do realize that this will be the last time you fly childless for a LONG time!

Kristi said...

I know...too crazy to think about! :-)