Sunday, November 29, 2009


I just discovered recently that my little girl counts to 10 in Spanish. I was very excited by this and so we count everything we see these days. The other morning I was attempting to get her dressed, myself dressed, T. dressed and everyone out the door, when I walked into her room half dressed (I was in my bra and underwear). I was helping her get into her clothes, when she looked at my chest and started to count in Spanish: "Uno, duos, tres, quattro..." I apparently have 4 ta-tas, instead of the usually 2. Hhhmmm.....

The Best Part Of My Day...

Every night when we put the kids down we have the same conversation: Tell me, what was the best part of the day? We get varying answers. Last Wednesday night, Grandma was spending the night. Mike was putting T. down and asked him our nightly question. T. answered: "Nothing was good." "What do you mean nothing?"
"Daddy, the best part hasn't happened yet."
"What is the best part T?
"The best part is when Grandma has a sleep over with me, and she hasn't come to bed yet."
I love how sweet he is!

Being Thankful

When asked at school last week, what he was thankful for, T. replied, "My women."
After we got home I asked him just who is women are, to which he replied, "My mommy, Grandma, V., and Mrs. Welty (his teacher).
Well, at least he knows who we are!