Monday, June 25, 2007

Driving Lessons?

Uncle Matt and Daddy let me drive Uncle Matt's Bronco! Well, they at least let me play with the steering wheel while Uncle Matt reved the engine. I sure did enjoy that!

Finally pictures with BB & LB's cousin!

We went to see Uncle Matt and Aunt Chrissy yesterday for a few hours, and I FINALLY got pictures of the girls together. For those of you who may remember, BB and her cousin were due on the same day, but born a week apart. Other coincidences were as follows: Both Chrissy and I had our sonograms on the same day at the same time, they were both girls, we delivered at the same hospital, and to top if off, even though I delivered a week earlier, Chrissy stayed in the same room I did the week before. Even though we have gotten together since the girls were born, we finally took pictures of them together!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Trick

My daughter has taken up sticking out her tongue. Much to my mother's dismay, she can not take credit for teaching her this trick, unlike with Little Bear!


They don't look anything alike do they???

My Husband

You may remember a while back, Mike got stuck in the crawling tube... well.. genius strikes again. Mike got hung up in the playhouse. LB took it upon himself to climb on his father and blow raspberries on his back and belly. TOO funny!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pictures of the Day

My little precious girl loves to sit in her vibrating bouncy seat. She even looked like she was trying to smile while in it.. a real smile, not a gassy one!

Fresh Veggies

My wonderful son has not been the best eater for the past 8 months or so. He used to eat EVERYTHING I placed before him.. now not so much. I'm lucky if I get him to eat anything I've prepared for the family. He likes what he likes, which happens to be the following: Mac & Cheese, rice, quinoa (yes, I know, of all things, he likes quinoa!) peaches and pears (only if they are in the individual packs, like Libby's), bananas, applesauce, spaghetti with tomato sauce, potatoes (fried or mashed only), yogurt, raisins, Cheerios, crackers. Basically, my kid eats carbs and dairy. But Hallelujah! He has begun to eat something new... fresh corn on the cob! He tears into it. He'll eat up to an ear and a half! I'm getting a quasi veggie into my kid.. granted it's mostly a starch, but hey he's eating it!

If any one has any recipies that can help me hide veggies into his favorite foods, please pass them on!

Happy Father's Day

I have a wonderful husband, and feel blessed everyday that he is in my life. How lucky am I that I chose this guy to be the father of my children?!?!?!

We didn't have the Father's Day I had originally planned, but we still had family time together and Mike had time with the kids.

I hope my hubby had a great day!

Love you babe!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Crack Monster Cometh...

To a birthday party that is! I wish I had had my video camera on Saturday afternoon. We went to one of LB's friend's house for his 2nd birthday. Being fashionably late as we tend to be these days, we were just in time to welcome Elmo to the party! Little Bear was in awe. At first he was a little aprehensive, but he spent the next 30 minutes dancing, high fiving, yelling "Elmo" and hugging Elmo. It was TOO cute! The other kids weren't as animated or were frightened of Elmo, but not my kiddo. He must have inherited my sparkling personality! He was definately the life of the party.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tummy Time

BB discovered last night that she enjoys leaning up on the Boppy to look at the world. It also gives her great access to her forearms, which she enjoys sucking on. My daughter likes to give herself hickies on her arm. Let me tell you, it is an attractive sight.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Week 3

The end has come to all of my wonderful help from my family members. My dad and Linda left Sunday morning to go home. We had a wonderful few days with them, and really appreciated the help!

BB and LB are getting along well these days. He still enjoys kissing her on her head, handing her a binky, and his latest and greatest helping feat is to hand me a diaper while I'm changing her.

BB is still getting her days and nights confused. For the first time as a parent, I actually sent my husband with my daughter at midnight for a drive, to help her fall asleep. She was up from 8 pm and FINALLY fell asleep last night around 2ish in the morning. Yep. I'm a little tired. LB was bigger, therefore, he slept better as an infant. I just have to keep reminding myself of that!

In other news, those of you who have been to my house may recall a certain white fluffy rug that sheds like a dog. If you recall this said carpet, you'll also remember how much Mike HATES the damn thing. Apparently so did my father, mother, etc. My father hated it enough to buy me a new one! Thanks Dad!