Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crisis Adverted

Mike took over the health insurance this year, so I can have a few extra $$$ in my paycheck to pay for all the days I'm going to miss due to illness. And there is the hope that in another year or so I can either stay home or work part time, so he needs to be in charge! ANYHOW, Baby girl is SICK AGAIN! I know it's an ear infection. I'm listening to my mother's intuition and I just know she has one yet again. My loving husband stayed home with Baby Bear so I could work most of the day, and I had him call to make an appointment to get her seen in hopes that we get her an antibiotic and get us all back to school and work tomorrow. Well it turns out some where along the line, either Mike's place of employment or Kaiser f-ed up. As of 9 am this morning, no one knew where our paperwork was. He had to make several phone calls. I was about to take her to a doc-in-the-box and pay $143 to get the prescription. He made one more phone call at 2:00 this afternoon, and they RUSHED our papers through and BB has an appointment in after hours care this evening. YEAH! It is a scary to feel as if you have no health care with 2 young children. Hopefully BB will be feeling better this evening and I can get us all back to our normal routine.


nana said...

Sounds like the national heathcare crisis just got personal! Hope all is resolved and that Bibi fee;s better quickly!

makin said...

Oh, I totally understand your dilemma! I'm trying to drop the work HMO since I'm on hubby's insurance...no surprise to me that it is a bit troublesome. Best of luck!

Jess said...

I hope everyone is better now!