Saturday, January 26, 2008

Potty Training

We've been having much success with toilet training at school. LB pees on demand all day long. We get home, and he'll pee. Then, he'll finish up the day by crapping his pants. And guess who is the lucky recipient of that present. That's right, I am! We go through our daily speech.
"Poo poo is yucky. That's nasty Mommy. Don't eat poo poo."
Yes my dear, that is all correct.
Is this fun for Mommy? No it's not. Where do we poop? ON the potty. That's right. Can we try to sit on the potty tomorrow?

We'll get there. I know. And he is actually doing really well with the training. It just seems that I am the only one cleaning out the underwear. There have been two pairs that have gone in the trash, because there was NO way I was going to clean that up. We'll just keep buying more characters and ask him not to poop on Elmo, Shrek, Thomas, and Cars. Ah the joys of motherhood.


siri said...

Just had to tell you that this post made me laugh. Not at you, of course, I actually feel terrible for you. I just had to chuckle as he's giving you the "poop speach."

Heather said...

It's ok to laugh. I have to on daily basis. After all, didn't George Carlin say that poop is funny? Well, maybe it was farts. Yes it was! Because a fart is a shit without the mess. That was the joke!