Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mom is here!

We've had so much fun with DamMa. She's cooked for us, taken us shopping, went to work/school with us (that was a whole other adventure, too long for this post), and went to a house warming party. Mom wanted to purchase LB a pair of boots for winter. So we took him to Stride Rite.. you know how I feel about that place! We had him measured. You recall those $50 shoes we bought him last month? His toes are at the end of the shoe already. When they measured him he had a thumbs width.... I can't believe his feet have grown this fast. The new boots are cute.. he'll be wearing them by the end of the month!
DamMa also found LB this cute story book player that reads him stories. He's got his new favorite, Nemo, as well as his old standby Elmo!

Aren't they cute? Snuggle time together.


nana said...

Hey, DamMa - looks like you are having fun! My turn next weekend!

Heather said...

Yeah Nana! We can't wait to see you.

Kristi said...

It's it great having parents are in this week also. The extra set or two of hands is the best!