Sunday, September 09, 2007

First Bike

We bought LB his first tricycle yesterday. We were good about safety and made sure he had a helmet. We even bought one of those road signs... Slow down my kid is running in the street and playing... He tried it out in our parking lot. What a hit it was. Of course getting him in and out of Toys R Us was a feat unto itself. Talk about tired boy meltdown. He kept screaming.. MINE.. MY BIKE! MY HAT! Yes, yes, yes.. it is YOURS. We have to PAY FOR IT FIRST KID!!!

The Terrible Two's are definitely in full force these days!

Enjoy the pictures.

P.S. Did you notice the HUGE scab on LB's nose? That was acquired when he dove face first off our bed over the foot board. A little rug burn on the face. Maybe he won't play around on the bed next time?

1 comment:

Bill said...

Grandpa has had is eye on a 50cc ATV. Since he already has his helmet....
I already checked and it will fit in the motorhome.