Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was able to get in yesterday afternoon for a sonogram. It turns out Fetal Bear is only 6.2lbs right now. Which means she is right on schedule. But as we all know, those who have gone this route with me before, I have big babies. She could still be 8-9 lbs when she is delievered on the 11th. That is of course, unless she decides not to wait until her scheduled time. I've already had contractions, braxton hicks, not labor. I didn't ever notice them with LB. She has also moved herself sideways again, which why I'm absolutely MISERABLE! She just needs to stay put until May the 2nd. She can come that night, if she wants, just not any earlier!!

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Nana said...

Sounds like I can keep my original travel plans! Bet you are getting anxious!