Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Break!

Woohoo.. remember as a kid, when the next best thing to Christmas break was spring break? There was usually a trip, maybe to someplace warm or fun? Well, I get to spend my spring break this year with a sick toddler. That pesky ear infection has come back, BUT on a happier note, it also means my ENT has FINALLY agreed to tubes. LB is having surgery on May 2. I've gotten to be good friends with the scheduler, who agreed that I don't need to have a sick toddler and a newborn at the same time. Bless her! Keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing turns up between now and then.


Bill said...

I,m soooo pleased that LB is finally having tubes in his ears. Let's hope this is the last ear infection. You have enough to deal with these next couple of months.

Heather said...

No kidding!
I was dancing for joy when I got off the phone!

nana said...

Good news! Hopefully all will go well and you won't have any scheduling problems! See all of you soon - I will plan to come Thursday night, 5/10. Details later!