Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring planting

We finally are having the kind of weather you can plant in. Mike FINALLY got to plant some tomato seedlings in my Earth Box that I got last year for Mother's Day from my Dad. I got one for Mike this year for Christmas so he can plant some other vegetables. If you don't have a real yard for a garden, these Earth Boxes ( are fantastic. Self contained, no need to weed or fertilize. It is idiot proof for people like me who have brown thumbs!

LB really enjoyed helping his Daddy plant the tomatoes. Tomorrow, it's peppers, herbs and flowers. I'll be making tons of gazpacho this summer to help get off the baby weight!


Diana said...

I have an Earthbox, too! They ROCK and are truly idiot-proof ... well, unless you plant tomatoes in late July and they don't sprout until October, when they freeze and die, green and tiny. The basil, however, was plentiful!

Heather said...

That is SO funny. That is exactly when we planted our tomatoes last year too!