Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Week 2

Week two has been less eventful then week one. We only had to go to the lab 3 times instead of everyday. Baby Bear had her last blood test done on Sunday, and even though her levels are still higher then they'd like, the doctor decreed no more blood tests! Thank GOD! My poor baby's feet have become callused due to being pricked practically everyday she's been out in the world. Dam Ma came and went. She was here just over 2 weeks, but not with us the entire time. Next she is off to San Deigo for 6 months for work. We're hoping she can fly here for a weekend visit to see the kids.

My father and L. will be here today. I'm not sure how long they are staying, but we are happy to have them here.

LB has been acting out. Time Out has been insituted in our home as of late. This morning, while snuggling with me and the baby watching Seasame Street, he decided it was a good idea to try to kick the baby. Thank god he's cute. I could have whooped his little butt. He loves to talk to her and kiss her, but he is not too happy to share right now. He'll get over it. All of us older sibilings do!

In other family news, my neice was born on May 18th, the day she was due, and Baby Bear was due! We got the cousins together yesterday for dinner. They have much in common these days. Sleeping, eating, and going through 20+ diapers a day. I meant to take pictures. But as with a lot of things these days, I forgot!

We're supposed to get together with my brother-in-law and his family again this weekend. Hopefully we'll remember to take some pictures then!

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Di said...

Thomas looks like quite the hellion in that sunglasses getup! But he IS so cute ... Vivianne's looking great, too!