Thursday, May 17, 2007

First 6 Days

What a whirl wind of activity here in Northern Virginia. After making myself sick with LB the first week home from the hospital, I vowed NOT to run around, go to Target or the mall, and to just be still. Well folks, life doesn't work that way. The ONLY days I have stayed home to rest is half a day Sunday, for Mother's Day, and Monday. Tuesday, we had our 5 day check up, plus LB's ENT follow up. LB's Tubes are great. Baby Bear however has jaundice. SO, instead of having to take her back to the hospital, they sent us a nurse and what is called a Billie Blanket to get rid of the jaundice. Baby Bear has to lay on this UV lighted pad, 24/7 unless we are at Kaiser getting blood drawn. She also lost enough weight that we have to have a weight check on Friday to make sure she is getting enough. She was 7.2 pounds on Tuesday. I've had to start supplementing just to make sure she is hydrated and getting enough fluid. Now of course since BB has had expressed milk and formula, she is liking the bottle, because it's EASIER! She's started to fight me when I want to breast feed her. After I'm sure we've gotten her weight off, she and I are going to have a little converstation about feeding only from Momma for awhile!

Other than Doctor's appointments, sleeping with a blue night light on my baby, everything else has been going well. Little Bear has been very attentive to his little sister. He calls her "Ba-be" and kisses her head. He's also been seen trying to give her a pacifer, and rocking her bouncy seat up and down. That is of course, when he isn't trying to crawl into it himself!! I've found him in her swing, trying to crawl into her bassinet, and lying underneath her baby gym. He has also been having a wonderful time with his Nana. Dam-Ma (my mom) comes back on Friday.

She is very sweet and because of the jaundice, sleeps all the time. When she is awake and alert she enjoys looking up at her mother and eating. All good pasttimes for a 6 day old.

With this C-section, I was much smarter, and filled my prescription for my drugs. I'm not being a martyr this time and I'm feeling much better because of it!

I'll fill in more news as I have time. Right now, I need a percocet and a nap!


Di said...

Thanks for the close-up pic - she's sooooo sweet and beautiful! And if she's anything like her mother, I know she will kick jaundice butt, too. Sounds like you're doing great - continued good luck to you, and make sure you get your rest, too!

Siri said...

I'm glad to get the update. We've been thinking of you guys out here :)
It sounds like you guys are getting along well...I'll be curious to hear what it's like to have two, YIKES!!!

Marisa said...

She's beautiful... looks like Daddy this time! Keep us posted. I need to learn what I'm in for! Hang in there with the jaundice and everything else. You're a GREAT mom!