Friday, May 18, 2007

Jaundice Sucks

Well, my Baby Bear's level of Billy Rubin apartently has gone down then up again. We started at 18.5, went to 19, went down to 16.2, and now we are back up at 17. At this point it would have been cheaper for us to be put in the NICU, not good for the family mind you, but easier for us monetarily. So I have to continue keeping BB on the bottle so we can see the amount of fluid she is recieving, along with TRYING to breast feed. She spent 20 minutes hollering at me last night, and 20 minutes this morning screaming at me when I offered her boobs. Of course the Baby Blues are starting up and I'm trying VERY hard to keep it together when she fights me. I just go and cry when I pump. At least right now, I'm 2 feedings ahead of her so if she won't take momma, she at least eats from momma. I guess if I just have to pump and feed her that way, I will, but I really wanted to be more successful with breast feeding this time. I just can't get her to latch anymore. Maybe I'll have better luck this afternoon.


Kristi said...

Chin up my are a great mommy regardless of how she decides she wants to eat! Hopefully Vivian will kick the jaundice soon so you all can feel a little better.

Di said...

Hang in there, Heather! She'll come around! Thinking of you!