Sunday, August 20, 2006

Computer Glitches

I can't stand being a slave to my electronic world, but then when it doesn't work, I lose my mind a bit! We've been having "issues" with this piece of crap! I'm hoping we fix it soon so I can post more of Little Bear.
On another note, Mike just got back from Hawaii. Yes I said Hawaii. Lucky Bastard. Granted it was for work and he didn't have ANY FUN. I've got some cute pictures of Poppa Bear and Little Bear playing. Mike is home for 2 days and leaves again tomorrow. At least he's home by Friday. I shouldn't complain. It's not like Military Families who don't see their spouses for months on end. We're off to a birthday party for one of Little Bears friends from school. Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, so he's still traveling a lot, huh? Well, your attitude is commendable!

I totally related to your Hawaii comment, though - Otto got to go to Italy for 11 days last month! It was mostly spent on an Army base, but I was rightfully jealous that he had the weekend to tour the area around Naples. At least I got some olive oil and wine out of it!

Heather said...

I got nada. He didn't have time to shop for his darlin wife!