Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our First Kid Party!

We threw our first party for the kids this weekend to celebrate Halloween. Mike had suggested we do this a month of so ago and I agreed with the stipulation that we actually had to PLAN activities. Gone are the days of drinking beer and watching them play the ENTIRE time! So we put on our creative thinking caps and planned activites suitable for 3 year olds and younger. Parents and kids were to come in costume. We had a lot of pirates, a baby horse (3 months), a baby cow (3 months), and a baby cat (2 weeks!), a Buzz Lightyear, a Cinderella, a ladybug, and some farmers. I even Martha'ed out with some Monster Treats, a Pumpkin Cake, and some Mummy dogs. The kids had some arts and crafts, freeze dance, Pin the Tail/Nose on the Cat/Pumpkin, feely buckets, a scavenger hunt, and a treasure hunt to find Mike the Pirate's missing treasure bag! I think we did quite well! Especially since this was the rain plan. Almost all the activities were orginally planned for the great outdoors, the most important of which was the treasure hunt! Alas, the kids could have cared less, they were just having fun. It's just the preschool teacher coming out in me, that's all!! Enjoy the pics.

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nana said...

Looks like the pirates were a hit!