Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mommy in Time Out

Ok, I admit, I have a mouth like a sailor. Most of you who have known me for eons, or just five minutes know that. I have my particular favorite expressions and have not been good about cleaning in up in front of my kids. Well, about two weeks ago, my darling son started to utter one of my favorites in front of his father. You know, F***. How proud am I???? Anyhow, when he said it again the next day, I happened to be home and Mike made sure he repeated it to me. I laughed. I know, wrong response. I sat there giggling as I said, Oh T. that makes mommy very sad. Please don't say it again, he he he.
Well he hadn't said it in a week, when I was on the phone and dropped it again. He says, "Mommy you said f***. Mommy, we don't say f***. You in time out!"
Yep, I got schooled by my three year old.
Then the next day, I wasn't even TALKING and he says to me, "Mommy we don't say f***."
How proud am I?
At least he's only said it to me and Mike at this point!!!!


Kristi said...

Good boy...Mommy should probably get time out more often!

Jenn said...

What? No Nilla wafers? My how times have changed!...

Heather said...

No kidding... I still laugh my fool head off when I think of us feeding Christopher all those years ago!