Sunday, August 10, 2008

Three! Already????

Happy Birthday to my boy (technically it's Tuesday, but hey a party is a party!) We kept it small this year, just family. We even got to video chat with Grandma, so she could see LB open up his presents from her. This year I was requested to make a a Pablo cake by my son. Pablo is one of the characters from Backyardigans (his favorite show of late). Uncle Matt and Poppa introduced my boy to Monster Trucks and remote control dump trucks. Let's just say, that my son is having a ball with them!

Aren't those boys adoreable in their masks?

My daughter's new favorite place for her paci. She loves to throw it in whatever I'm drinking (appropriate or not, swirl the paci in it and then plop it back in her mouth with a huge grin.

How pitiful is my daughter???

What a wonderful time we all had together.


Marisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas!!!! Owen loves the Backyardigans too!

Kristi said...

Happy Big #3 Thomas! I hope you have a great birthday!
Love Kristi, George and Nora

Beth O said...

Can't believe he's already three!! Happy Birthday to the big guy.

PS... I find it fitting that YOUR daughter is finding ways to sneak in the adult beverages already. ;-)

makin said...

Congrats to you all--but especially Thomas on his big day! Looks like you had a blast!