Thursday, August 21, 2008


My poor sweet boy had been sick last week. 104 fevers in the morning and such. We took him to the lab for a strep test, negative. He woke up again with a 104 fever on Saturday morning and Mike took him in to after hours care. They sent him to the lab again for blood work. My poor poor baby is now deathly afraid of going back to the doctors. We get in the car and he cries: "Thems peoples cut me mommy. THems peoples are mean. Thems peoples hurt me." It breaks my heart. I keep correcting him and reassuring him, that the LAB, not the DOCTOR, wasn't mean on purpose, they needed to find out what was making him sick. It's Thursday, and he still cries when we get in the car, for fear we are on our way back to the doctor. I hate to break it him, but we will be going back to the doctor on the 15th for his 3 year old check up. Ice cream works as a bribe every time!

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