Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sandy Pines

Wow is there a lot to do where Dad and L. summer their RV. There are pools, a water park, a beach, boating, fishing, miniature golf, an adult Wii bowling league, a workout room, just to name a few things. The kids and I (& later Mike) stayed in a cabin that was not far from the RV. I've never seen so many golf carts in one place. It has a HUGE golf cart culture. Being that I was alone in the cabin with the kids, and carting them back and forth, my dad rigged the kids car seats to the back of the golf cart so I could safely get them from one place to the next. It was hysterical. The kids loved riding in the back.

We had a lot of firsts on this trip. First golf cart ride, boat ride, fishing, water park, water slide, and swimming with daddy (with a life jacket) and letting go! We even went blueberry picking, were BB ate her weight in berries. LB enjoyed the picking of the berries, but not so much the tasting. We made yummy blueberry crisp for dessert that night!
WOW, what a week!

Thanks for a great week Dad and L.! We loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again.

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mya said...

Now those are great pics! I have to say, you've got me wanting to move back and have a slice o' the midwestern pie! Looks like such fun!