Friday, July 04, 2008

A new art medium

My darling son was sent to nap this afternoon with the intent that he at least rest before we headed out to friends to celebrate the 4th. I wandered upstairs to switch over some laundry when I looked at him flipping through a coloring book. I noticed that part of his floor (wood) had a dull sheen. I took a longer look at him. I wanted to laugh, to cry, to spank him senseless. His window, his carpet, the guest bed, his new toy box, the bedspread, his shirt, his legs, his hands, were all covered in fecal matter. Yes, fecal matter. Shit. ALL OVER HIS ROOM. He finger painted his room with feces. What a joy that was to clean up. I didn't take any pictures, although I wanted too, just to blackmail him when he is older. It took a good 30 minutes to clean up. I hope this doesn't happen again.


nana said...

No s--t!

Marisa said...

Oh... my... GOD!! LOL! I feel so sorry for you. You may not have pictures, but at least you documented it.

Di said...

Wasn't that what all the avant garde painters used back in the day?

Well, no matter, yuck! Sorry you had to clean that up.

Beth O said...

Ah yes, I understand this is a right of passage with little boys. Gross, but they all do it at some point.