Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, this is the first week I've actually been to work, for 3/4 of it. Tuesday LB spiked a high fever at school, so I had to take him home. Thank goodness Poppa was able to stay with him. After missing practically all of last week, I had to be there. Oh, and did I forget to mention that after all that craziness the week before, it turned out Vivian did have pneumonia! Just a touch. What the hell does that mean? Just a touch? Anyhow, the Pediatrician said that the antibiotics she was on for the ear infection should clear it up... So because of BB pneumonia, I took LB in. They gave him antibiotics, steroids for the cough, and a new med for the nebbie that won't make him as CRAZY!
So here we are, back to school, with everyone feeling at least a bit better. Now my daughter doesn't want to drink. She only wants to eat. And I mean EAT! She was only getting cereal in the morning and evening. In order to get her to eat, her teachers have started to mix some cereal with her formula, to get fluids in her. So in honor of my daughters growing appetite. We started veggies the other night. Little Miss V LOVED peas and sweet potatoes. Holy Cow! You should see the look on her face when you eat something in front of her. She just watches and licks her lips. Too funny! Now that she is eating so much more, she is now pooping up a storm. I think she shat almost 7 times yesterday. Her poor hiney is so sore.
I'll have to post pictures of her eating soon.

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