Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cox Farms

My Dad is here for the weekend, giving me a hand with the kiddos while my husband is still away. We took the kids to the Farm to attend another fall festival. This one has SLIDES! All kinds of slides. There was also hay stacks to climb, animals to investigate, apple cider to purchase, TONS of Kettle Corn (forgot to pick up some of that!), plus a hay ride with NO wait. Last weekends hay ride had a 30 minute wait, there was next to no wait because of the amount of wagons. LB loved it. BB had a great time too. As soon as my dad emails me his pictures from the event, I'll have shots from the haystack and the slide we rode together! We also got to pick out 3 pumpkins to take home with us, as part of our admission. They are too small to crave, so we are going to paint them. When we accomplish that project I'll post those pictures!
(Isn't that sweet. He gave her a kiss, and then proceeded to tell her "No, No, No Bibi!")


Kristi said...

have you started the countdown to mike's return? looks like you had a couple great weekends with family in town. the pics are great!

nana said...

Looks like Princess Pookie still likes the snugglie! Lots of pumpkins at this farm! Glad you got some! Bet you will be glad to see Daddy when he gets home!