Sunday, August 05, 2007

And the award for Parents of the Year goes too....

Me and Mike!

My poor poor son. Last night on a mission to get some more milk, he stepped upon the step stool, tipped it over and bumped his nose. It got so swollen so quickly we thought he broke it, so off to Kaiser Mike and LB went. It was 8:15 at night. His bed time. Turns out it isn't broke, just bruised. Thank GOD! He does look like he's been boxing. I believe Grandpa D took boxing lessons in his youth. Maybe LB will do the same?

And not to be left out, a picture of my sleeping princess!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, its Marisas mom, your children are beautiful. Marisa has been showing me your blog. Love it. and you sound like a wonderful mother. and dont worry, we dont hold you responsible for thomas s accident. shit happens.
Im enjoying my stay with Marisa is wonderful. so glad im here at this time. enjoying Owen, and of course Marisa, and Chris. and Ana, Im probably predjudiced , but she is beautiful.
Love Mrs, M.

Heather said...

Hi MOM! I'm so glad you're with Marisa and her family. I know how much I really wanted/needed my mom there after both my kids, but especailly after V. I'm glad she's shown you my blog. I try to post at least once a week, so be sure to check it out! And you are absoultly right, Ana is beautiful!

Kristi said...

Aside from the swollen nose when did he change so much...he looks like such a big boy all of a sudden. As for the nose...I have to agree with Marisa's mom...shit happens. We all know you are great parents!!! And miss V...she is still quite the petite flower isn't she! Both are perfect and adorable.