Monday, July 09, 2007


Saturday we finally went to the zoo! We went to see the new farm animal section so LB could pet the animals and of course see animals he knows the names of and is familiar with. He was in awe of everything around him. The look
on his face was priceless! On this trip, I also nursed in public for the first time ever. I have decided that screw everyone else, if my baby needs to eat, so be it. I'm not going to put our lives on hold just because I'm nursing. So while I was nursing, Mike took LB to the Ape House. Upon entering the Ape House, my son looked around and asked, "Where Elmo, Daddy?" He asked for Elmo several times, until he saw the gorillas. He was then enchanted and quiet for a few moments. He also enjoyed seeing the elephants, pandas, and seals. We even purchased a large "happy" popcicle that turned his hands, shirt, shorts, and face blue. What a smart mommy I was dressing him in a white t-shirt! We had so much fun, that I can't wait to go again!

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Kristi said...

ZOO!! I am sure glad you had a great first zoo visit...zoos are the BEST, right Thomas?