Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Few Weeks

The past two weeks we've traveled to West Virginia, had a party for friends and Mike started his new job. Of course did I remember to take any pictures while we were in WVA? NO! Little Bear was having a wonderful time playing with his cousins, ages ranging from teens to his age. This was Baby Bear's first road trip. She did really well on the way there. We timed it well in between feedings. She also slept for 8 hours that night in the hotel! That was FANTASTIC! LB slept with us in the hotel king size bed, thank god it was a king size. Mike thought he was going to start his first day on a new job with a black eye from his son's flailing arms and legs. The trip home took longer, because BB eats more frequently in the late afternoon early evening to get her little belly ready to go for 6 to 8 hours in between meals.

Mike started his new job last Monday. So far so good.

This past Saturday we hosted my friend Kate's Jack & Jill Shower. I'm her Matron of Honor and the wedding is on the 11th. We through her bachlorette evening Saturday night too. That was my first time out in the evening with friends. And it was Mike's first time babysitting both kids alone. It felt SO GOOD to get out and socialize with my friends.

Mike and I have had the opportunity to go out on a few dates since BB has been born and we have relished the quiet time together. Basically, we went to the movies to see the summer flicks we HAD to see on the big screen. The only one we've not been able to see that we really wanted to was Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh well.. it will be out on DVD soon. Mike and I have also managed to share our copy of Harry Potter and finish it during the evenings. I actually did a lot of reading during the day while BB nursed! Loved the book!

I hope to take some decent shots of my kiddos and post later this week!


Di said...

Sounds like you've got some good balance goin' on. You rock as a parental role model - as a mom, wife, and STILL as your fun-loving, awesome self. Great to see you dear!

Heather said...

Thanks Di! I'm glad I got to go out and play with you that night!

Kristi said...

Phew...you've been a busy girl. Must have been nice to have a girls night out...I hope you had a beer for all of us! Miss you.

Heather said...

No beer, but I sure did have a very nice pomegranate martini!