Monday, March 19, 2007

Nana's Visit

We had a lovely weekend with Nana. We got to show her all kind of neat things that we routinely do. We showed her Little Bear's new bed and new Elmo bedding.

We even showed Nana how we use the potty. Of course, LB also now likes to stick his face and hands in it, to make sure that it in deed came out of his body!

We also went shopping and Nana got to meet Daddy for the first time! Every time Nana has been to visit, Daddy has been on travel.

Nana will be back in May to help out when Fetal Bear arrives. We had so much fun with her here. Grandma arrives next weekend and then Grandpa and Grandma L will be here in mid April. We've got quite a busy few weeks ahead of us.


Kristi said...

Thomas is growing up way to fast...big boy bed and now going on the potty. Love the action pee shot!!! :-)

Heather said...

Isn't that a hoot! I didn't realize it was an action shot until I clicked on it and it was giant size in my face.

Nana said...

The highlight of the visit was having LB clap when I used the toilet! AT least we didn't have to check it out or play in it! Fun times with the Dawsons!