Thursday, March 29, 2007

Book Clubs

Once upon a time ago, I used to belong to a book club. That's when I wasn't married with a family. Occasionally I really miss being involved with one. Especially when I've just finished a really amazing book, or have found an author that I think is incredible. Such is the case now... I recently just finished The Tenth Circle, by Jodi Picoult. Has anyone else read this book? It was so intense. It makes me glad that I'm not a teenager any longer, but at the same time, scares me to death that in a few years my own children will be teens. I purchased her new book, Nineteen Minutes, when Nana and I made our Costco run 2 weekends ago. I don't have the time/energy to devote to reading as I did whenI was kidless, but it is also holding my attention and scaring the crap out of me again. I do miss the Rubber Duck Book Club. I guess I either need to form a new one, that works around working mothers schedules or find a club that does.
Any takers?

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