Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad Words

I've got T. all to myself these days, since he is not in camp/daycare and Little girl is. On the way to go pick up my daughter yesterday, T. and I had quite the conversation. He was explaining to me that per a previous conversation we'd had, that when he is a grown up, he can say bad words. "Mommy, when I'm a daddy, and I hurt myself, I can say 'sh*t"." Being motheroftheyear, I of course couldn't help myself from laughing. "Mommy, are you laughing at me?" "Yes, honey I am." "You're laughing because I said 'sh*t', right?" (Laughing harder at this point!)"Yes, I am!"
I'm going to pay for this later I'm sure.

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Kristi said...

No doubt, but that is half the fun! Love IT!!!