Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April in Pictures

Many new and exciting things have occured this April... I just show the pictures and narrate as necessary!

BB started using a sippy to drink her water.. as you can see she likes it!

BB is showing 1 of her new top teeth here.. she now has both.. but this was taken at the beginning of the month!

Little Bear got new shoes.. quite stylish.. and the best news.. when we had him sized at Stride Rite his foot is no longer the WIDEST foot in the world, it is now just a regular wide foot.. this means CHEAP shoes here I come!

Little girl also got her first pair on the same day. Guess what? She now has the widest, fatest feet in the world and can only wear Stride Rite. Can I get a break??????????
My two bears playing away so nicely together. It just makes me melt.

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Kristi said...

too friggin' cute! they are too sweet!