Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt

LB had an egg hunt at school yesterday, which he proceeded to miss because he was Mr. Cranky McSpanky, and did not take a nap when he was supposed to. We thought we would have a little egg hunt here at home for him today. He loved it! He found all 12 eggs and even shared some with his little sister. Of course he ate all the jelly beans and candy corn in them. He then proceeded to run around the living room on a sugar high. Mike and I began to question our judgement. Maybe a jellybean in every other egg? Hhhhhmmmm. At least there was no major meltdown after all the candy had been consumed. Afterwards, he wanted to go on a second egg hunt. We obliged, but this time no candy was given!
BB found the first egg!
Counting eggs together. BB wanted to be in on the action!
LB was very excited about the jellybeans!


Kristi said...

They look like they both had a great time! How fun!!!

Bill said...

Great pictures. They are both changing so quickly. I am really looking forward to our visit in a few weeks.