Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Crack Monster Live

Mike and I finally felt like real live parents this weekend. We took LB to his first live performance: Sesame Street Live... Elmo Grows Up. At first, LB didn't know what to make of it. He was excited. We had talked about seeing Elmo all morning. He ran to the car saying.. "Go get Elmo!" We got to the center, and had to walk up the large stadium stairs to our seats. He was very quiet. I think all the noise and confusion and hundreds of other children silenced him. When the room got dark, and he saw all his favorite characters running from behind the curtain, he was enthralled. I was so excited to watch his expressions! The one thing about the show that I would have changed was the length. We watched for 45 minutes and towards the end of that time, LB was starting to fall asleep. There was then a 15 minute intermission, then another 30 minutes of the show. During intermission, Daddy got suckered into buying an 8$ Elmo balloon, which I've seen at the grocery store for less, plus a blue snow cone. That snow cone left his lips and tongue blue all afternoon. Then the next day, it reared it's ugly head in his diaper. I've never seen such a shade of poop before. It was green and it stained his ass. I had to scrub it clean!!!!!!!! As we rushed out the door to make the show on time, I thought about taking the camera, but forgot. So Bad Mommy am I, no pictures of the big event. I do however have his ticket, so I can start up his collections of ticket stubs. But these days, most people to have actual tickets, just print outs! The concession stand did not sell beer. I heard that they did sell beer at the Wiggles concert a few weeks ago. Maybe the next family event will have beer!

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Di said...

And this is why I read your blog - such balanced parents, you are - a little Elmo, a little ass, a little beer ... something to interest everyone! Glad he had fun!